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How to check the quiz answers?

Last Updated: Jul 18, 2017 03:14AM EDT
For most courses when you complete an Activity (quiz) or a Chapter quiz you are provided with the answers.

When you review your answers make sure that you carefully read the questions as well as the answer options as they will NOT be displayed in the order you saw them when taking the quiz initially.

The system will show you which is the correct answer as well as which is the answer you chose. Please don't just look at the answer choice (A,B,C or D) only, but read the question and answers.

Every time you re-take a quiz the questions and answers are shuffled around so they will be displayed in a different order. So even if you were provided with lets say choice A as the correct answer when you retake the quiz that the answer choice may be displayed as choice D.

Again, please make sure to read carefully the questions and answers both when you take the quiz and when you review the correct and wrong answers.

Here is an example of a quiz question answered INCORRECTLY:

In this case the correct answer to this question would be A: 204.71 and it is displayed under "Correct Answer"

The student chose the wrong answer C:205.46 which is displayed under "Your Answer"

When a question is answered incorrectly the system provides the student with feedback, displayed under the blue tabs.

Here is an example of a quiz question answered CORRECTLY:

When the student's quiz answer is correct then both the "Correct Answer" as well as "Your Answer" will match.

Also the feedback box will display the words "Your answer is correct"


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